Translated from: 什么是Peanut?

It’s been half a year since Peanut DeFi was launched, so it’s time to write about it. So what is Peanut DeFi?

A Replicable DeFi Platform

Peanut is a DeFi platform based on Staking-crowdfunding (a stake-mining model) on Steem blockchain.

DeFi has been popular since 2020, but it has only propagated…

I started posting on Steem(it) since 2017, and have never invested a single cent in it. With several generous Upvotes from @my-reader and other supportive whales, I gained enough SP in the early days to secure the minimum payout threshold of $0.02 …

Since Oct. 20th 2020, the day Nutbox v1 launched, we have got 5.35M SP delegation, our community value exceed 3.75M USD, have alread approached some achievement.

In the process in which Nutbox v1 is approaching our achievement, the founder team is still developing new products. We expect that our community…

As we all know, Steem is a public content platform. The contents of the community fit very well with NFT so we have made some attempts in NFT.

A few days ago, our community member @ale.aristegueta created an animated video for Nutbox. This video is excellent which has a simple meaning.

In November last year, I started seeing many Steem users posting about on my Feed. So I joined the Nutbox DeFi Wechat group to find out more about it.

I found that this is a very interesting DeFi project to start with, and it is developed by the…

Nutbox DeFi

Build your own DeFi Ecology in 30 minutes.

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